Thomas Williams is the author of the critically acclaimed Viking Britain (2017), and Viking London (2019), both published by William Collins, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

He is also the author of The Tale of King Harald (British Museum Press, 2014), a retelling of the saga of Harald ‘Hardruler’ for children, and numerous academic and popular articles and reviews.

Thomas is currently writing about the forgotten kingdoms of early medieval Britain and the landscape of warfare in the early Middle Ages.

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Viking London

Viking Age London is like an old wound, seemingly long healed and oft forgotten. But sometimes in the winter, when a cold wind blows from the north, it still nags – an ache that will never go away. Stumbling around corners, feet catch on stitches, pull back the skin of modernity – an ancient street … Continue reading Viking London

Viking Britain

Then the Lord said unto me, out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land… To many, the word ‘Viking’ brings to mind red scenes of rape and pillage, of marauders from beyond the sea rampaging around the British coastline in the last gloomy centuries before the Norman … Continue reading Viking Britain

The Tale of King Harald

“Long ago, in the days when dragons could still be found and fought (or so it is written in the tales of those times), there lived a Viking king. He was fierce and warlike, brave and strong, cunning and cruel. His name was Harald Hard-ruler and that name was feared wherever it was heard. But … Continue reading The Tale of King Harald

List of publications

In addition to the publications listed below, Thomas has had his work published in The Idler, BBC History Magazine, The Scotsman and Medieval Warfare Magazine, and has contributed reviews to Medieval Archaeology, the Cambridge Archaeological Journal and the Saga-Book of the Viking Society for Northern Research. He also worked for two years as senior editor of the journal Papers … Continue reading List of publications